new post at the end of the year.

this year passed in literally a blink of an eye.

think i can remember january this year, and then right now we’re already on nov 30th, tomorrow is December already.

highlight of this year : i’ve moved workplace and finally visit South Korea !!


so thankful for everything, and I hope to do better..

Get better in everything, be a better person..

Love in vain

Group hug to all Sungmin bias 🙌🙌🙌
Let’s all be happy and find our someone special too 💏

Oppa I stan you still ♥♥♥


I really want to know things about you..
But i held back,
I must hold back..

You showed your stance already…
Let’s be good (friends)?


God, this crush and hope…

ah, I’m too transparent….
anyone can see…

this longing feeling, want to see, want to talk, want to be together…

this one-sided feeling, please can you disappear.